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Licensed Immigration Adviser​​
新西兰移民顾问(持牌号 201601189)

"Member of New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment - NZAMI"​​ 
Our Expertise 
FREE Initial Assesment & Initial Consultation:

A client who email us their details with CV, Qualifications, Work Experience & Job Order will be replied within 48 hours to make an assessment.
A short 20-30 minute meeting designed to learn of your situation, assess your eligibility to apply, and to advise you on the best course of action.

 Human Resources Management & Employers INZ Accreditation
 -  Residence under Skilled Migrant Category
This is the same regardless of how many people are included in the application.

 - Residence under Family Categories (Partnership, Parent, etc.): 
- Temporary Visas (Work, Visitor Visa, Student Visa. Excludes special categories): 
- Section 61 requests
Response to Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI) letter:
- Temporary visas​
- Resident visas
- Special categories: these vary by category, and fees will be agreed upon with the consultant.

*prices are subject to review based on adviser's experience and expertise, and the complexity of the case.


- 客户发来个人情况介绍及简历。我们将于48小时之内回复
- 我们将安排一次20-30分钟的会议,更好的了解您的情况和需求,并提出指导方案
- 人力资源管理和雇主的移民认证
- 技术移民类别下的居民签证
- 家庭移民类别下的居民签证(包括配偶,父母等)
- 临时签证(包括工签,访问签证,学生签证,不包括特殊类别)